OHP1 ROM Bin Widening

  • A dumping bin at the Yandi iron ore plant needed to be widened to better facilitate the CAT 793F dump trucks. This project covers the repairs, partial demolition and construction needed to achieve the upgrades desired by BHP Billiton.
  • Austral was contracted to complete this task within the strict 240-hour shutdown period allocated for the works to take place.
  • The partial demolition of the existing bin
  • Repairs to steel plate not being replaced as a part of this project
  • Installation of new sloped walls to minimize the buildup of “dead ore”
  • The removal of the redundant sections of wall
  • The construction of a new base slab and safety wall at the back of the dumping pit
  • Addition of support structure’s and structural modifications to support the new size and weight of the upgraded bin
  • Reenforcing surrounding earthworks
  • Installation of the new bin wall and installation of new walkway
  • Installation of electrical equipment, including lighting and water deluge systems

The Project