High occupational health and safety standards form part of Austral Construction’s business.

A strong commitment to OHS is demonstrated through the practical OHS Management System, certified to AS/NZS 4801 since 2000, and transitioning to ISO 45001 in 2021 and the right attitude evident in employees, contractors and visitors to site. The OHS Management System is successfully integrated into all operations and is consistently reviewed and refined to strive for continual improvement and industry best practice. Dedicated professionals are specifically employed to maintain and improve the system on an ongoing basis.

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Austral provides safe premises, safe machinery and materials, safe systems of work, information, instruction, training and supervision, suitable working environments and facilities for all employees, contractors and visitors. Austral has an active Risk Management Committee which upholds proactive management of operational and day-to-day risks whilst implementing specific control measures to adequately manage risks.

In addition, pre-construction and operational project risk assessments are conducted for every project to ensure that OHS ‘on the ground’ is the number one priority. This priority extends to Austral’s Melbourne and Perth Offices, where the same standard of OHS governance is enforced. 

A robust compliance, surveillance and auditing program ensures that Austral prescribed safety principles, procedures and legal requirements are complied with at all times and that timely actions are taken to address any identified hazards. Austral’s impressive OHS performance is evidenced by the continuous improvement in the reduction of workplace injuries and the high level of workplace consultation and safety interactions. Austral’s enforcement of a safe workplace and its objective of returning individuals home the same way they arrived to site sets the precedent that no task is too important that it cannot be done safely. 


Austral is dedicated to the environmental management and sustainability of the natural environment and its resources that are affected by business operations. Austral’s commitment is highlighted through certification of its system to ISO 14001 and its passion to develop employee competence in the analysis and understanding of environmental issues as a foundation for environmental management. Austral continually develops robust solutions to site environmental problems and furthermore, forecasts potential issues through site impact/risk assessments, compliance, surveillance and auditing programs, and collaboration with employees, contractors and clients.

The Environmental Management System forms part of Austral’s long-term goal in managing significant environmental impacts. The system assists sites in identifying environmental impacts, objectives and targets, operational and emergency procedures, responsibilities, reporting structures, and continual improvement. Austral is committed to lowering its carbon footprint, reducing levels of waste and becoming more sustainable, evident through current environmental statistics, audit results and the positive attitude of employees and subcontractors towards environmental management and sustainability. 

Being energy efficient and planning for a clean energy future are fundamental elements in the Austral vision for current and future projects. Ensuring the business is more efficient and sustainable will have a positive effect on the environment, but more importantly will teach employees, contractors and visitors long-term lessons about maintaining the current environment for tomorrow’s generation. 

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Austral has developed and implemented a quality management system that provides a framework for employees to understand what works well on their site, what needs to be improved and what needs to change to meet the needs of client and Austral business practices. 

Austral’s quality management practices are founded on defining the processes which result in the production of quality projects and services, rather than in detecting defective products and services after they have been produced. Dedicated professionals are specifically employed to maintain and improve quality management practices on an ongoing basis.

Certified to AS/NZS ISO 9001 since 2000, Austral upholds the principles of customer focus, leadership, design and construction management, people involvement, a systematic approach to decision making and embracing continual improvement to enhance performance and excellence. Austral delivers projects and day-to-day activities in accordance with stringent construction standards, and develops specific project plans and management objectives to address all quality and design requirements. In addition, inspection and testing programs are implemented to verify that all aspects of Austral’s work comply with contract requirements and that the company is delivering on its objective of continual improvement. 

Austral stands by its high quality expectations in all aspect of its business, and actively ensures that all employees and subcontractors share the same vision to ensure projects and products are consistently delivered on-time, on budget, and with high quality standards. 

Austral’s Integrated Management System (IMS)

Austral places the greatest of importance on its HSEQ systems. Key to managing this is Austral’s Integrated Management System (IMS) which has been developed and implemented to encompass our systematic approach to the management of Quality, Safety and Risk, Environmental and Human Resources elements.

Austral’s IMS which is an integral part of every project that Austral undertakes, has been independently certified by SAI Global to have satisfied the requirements of the following Australian Standards:

  • ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems – Requirements
  • ISO 45001:2018 Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems – Requirements with Guidance For Use
  • ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management Systems – Requirements with Guidance For Use

Certified Safety Standards

Austral Construction adheres to the industry standard when it comes to safety. We stand by the Federal Safety Accreditation and the SAI Global HSEQ certification to ensure the safety of our team members.