Our marine experience and capabilities include the delivery and construction of maritime infrastructure with varying sizes and technical complexity.

These include constructing or upgrading land-backed and verandah wharves, jetties, piers, marinas, navigational shipping aids, dolphin construction, ship access gantries, boat ramps and tug pens.

Austral Construction’s specialised marine equipment includes large self-elevating and construction barges complemented with support vessels, cranes and piling hammers, which, combined with Austral’s experience and technical capability, enables self-performance of projects of significant size while reducing construction and plant risk. 

Floating Crane in sea

Marine Construction capabilities include:

Overall Marine

  • Construction and upgrading of land-backed and verandah wharves, jetties, piers, marinas
  • Marine Structural works, including construction, structural maintenance & remediation (Painting, Corrosion Protection), Remedial Concrete and Pile Protection Coating System Installation, Wharf Soffit Repair and Maintenance 
  • Marine & Land Based Piling Works, including driven piling, sheet piling, Large Diameter Pile Drilling, Socketing and Grouting 

Marine Construction Works

  • Wharf Construction and extension, including Piling, Headstocks, Sheet Pile Walls, Anchors for Floating Jetty and Wharf systems 
  • Bridge Construction 
  • Navigational shipping aids  
  • Dolphin Construction
  • Ship access gantries 
  • Boat ramps  
  • Tug pens 
  • Mooring equipment & installation 
  • Berth Fender Upgrades 
  • Riverbank Stabilisation 
  • Intake and Outflow structures 
  • Marine Structure Decommissioning and Deconstruction 

Other Marine Works

  • Marine Geotechnical Drilling 
  • Barge Hire – crewed 
  • Integrated marine services 
  • Inshore construction services 
  • Refit and fabrication 
  • Marine Heavy Lift Services 
  • Temporary Works Design 
  • Shore crossings 

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Austral Construction’s specialised marine plant includes:

Jack Up Barges (Self-Elevating Modular Platform)

  • Pilbara 500 – RCP 500t
  • Pilbara SEMP (400) – RCP 400t
  • Pilbara 250 – RCP 250t
  • Pilbara 100 – RCP 100t
  • Combi-Float 100t – 100t

Floating Barges (Size / GMT)

  • Steel Trader, 4824 Configurable, Westsea 11

Support Vessels

  • Multicat – Tugs – Work Boats

Hammers & Vibrators

  • Hydro Hammer – S150, S280, S300 
  • Vibrators – 1412 


  • LR1280 
  • LR1300 
Contractors conducting bridge project in Parker Point