Berth C&D – P1 & P2

  • In order to improve the safety and decrease long term running costs, BHP requested that elements of the Finucane Island C & D berths be replaced.
  • Austral was brought on to utilise their fleet of marine construction equipment to safely and efficiently perform all the requested structural repair work.
  •  The demolition of the existing Dolphin access stairs
  • The replacement of corroded ladders at 9 locations along the Berth. Here, the 60T crane on the maintenance deck was used to rig the ladders, and a 80T crane aboard the Austral Pilbara 250 SEMP was used to remove and transport the sections 
  • Repair works to the Girder walkway support’s, replacing corroded members 
  • Encapsulating, blasting, and addition of protective coating to supporting members
  • The removal of two 44.8m long walkways 
  • Fabrication, assembly, and installation of replacement walkways in place of those being removed 
  • Replacement of Girder access platforms and girder access grating 

The Project