Cape Lambert A Dolphin Upgrade

  • Rio Tinto’s ‘Cape Lambert A’ loadout facility was slated for upgrade to upkeep and improve the safety for this 1970’s era facility. Originally build for ships half its size, this facility now moves US $2 million of iron ore an hour.
  • As our largest project to date, Austral will be performing the works needed to upgrade and maintain this vital piece of infrastructure within the safety and shutdown restraints imposed.
  • Construction of 18 new dolphin structures with heaviest lift of 125tonne
  • Approach jetty 2.4km long
  • Driving 120 no. 1200mm dia. Steel piles up to 48m in length
  • 3500 tonne permanent and 200 tonne temporary works fabrication – overseas procurement and delivered by heavy lift ship
  • Piles driven with IHC S-350 & IHC S-280 to loads of 15MN
  • Construction undertaken with 3 Self elevating modular platforms (SEMP’s) a 500 tonne SEMP barge with 300T Crane pinned to the deck, a 400 tonne SEMP barge with 280T Crane pinned to the deck, a 250 tonne SEMP barge with 160T Crane pinned to the deck 

The Project