Channel Marker Replacement

  • Pilbara Port Authority needed to replace the existing channel markers along their 22 nautical mile corridor into Port Hedland.
  • Austral was contracted to perform works to provide the visual markers that line the shipping route. All works were completed without any disruption to the regularly scheduled Port Hedland shipping channel operations.
  • The design and supply of new channel markers
  • Removal of the beacon tops on the existing piles
  • Removal and extraction of daymarks from the existing piles
  • Extraction and disposal of the 35no. existing channel marker piles (Varies from 1350mm OD and 37m length to 1000mm OD and 18.5m length)
  • Installation of 35 new replacement channel marker Piles
  • Reinstallation of the pile tops
  • Beacon channel markers
  • Austral’s JackUp ‘Pilbara SEMP'(RCP400 B) and ‘Pilbara’ (RCP250 250t JUB), along with Austral’s suite of hydraulic and vibratory hammers

The Project