Demolition & Rehab of Wildflower Camp

  • Following the conclusion of its service life, Rio Tinto requested the deconstruction of the Wildflower camp. 
  • Austral was contracted to deconstruct the camp, recycling all materials possible and responsibly disposing of the remaining materials. Following the deconstruction, the land was to be rehabilitated to return the site to its natural state.
  • The electrical isolation of the buildings and services left at the site 
  • The division and separation of buildings comprised of multiple modular sections 
  • The removal and transport of temporary buildings left on site that can be removed and re-used elsewhere 
  • Removing and disposing of the building foundations left from removed buildings 
  • The upheaval of footpaths between facilities 
  • Demolition of a temporary dam, and removal of the material used to line the dam 
  • The de-construction and removal of water storage tanks 
  • De-commissioning and extraction of remaining infrastructure and site services 

The Project