Jetty Piles Sustaining Works

  • The Jetty and Wharf structure at Cape Lambert port A had been in service for approximately 50 years, and throughout its service history had sustained serious damage and degradation to the structure.
  • Austral was contracted to perform refurbishment works on the structure, re-painting and re-enforcing the existing piles (where needed) in order to help prolong the life of the Jetty and Wharf.
  •  Installation of temporary swing-stage platforms for workers 
  • Blasting and painting of existing piles and headstocks 
  • Repair of areas of corrosion 
  • Repair of local damage with appropriate method; patches or sleeves welded to strengthen the piles 
  • Encapsulate areas of blasting and painting to ensure that debris from works conducted wont affect the local ecosystem 
  • Blasting and painting of Piles to client’s specification 
  • Removal and reinstallation of swing-stage platforms along the length of the structure throughout the length of works 
  • Works conducted without impact to wharf operations

The Project