NPI Dust Sealing Construction

  • As part of an initiative by BHP to suppress dust emissions at locations around Nelson Point, a request was issued to design and Construction of asphalt sealing areas at points throughout Nelson Point and Finucane Island.
  • Austral sealed six large areas, including civil works to undertake the works and for Primer and 40mm – 60mm Asphalt Seal.
  • Design of 6 areas for asphalt sealing around the Finucane Island and Nelson Point Operating Plant 
  • Cut to Fill earthworks, including the hauling and stockpiling of existing infrastructure 
  • Demolition of infrastructure not needing to be maintained during construction 
  • Subgrade, sub-base and basecourse preparation for 20,000m2 pavement 
  • Installation of Primer Seal and Asphalting of 20,000m2 
  • Supply, condition, placement, spread, compaction and dryback to 70% – 85% of OMC (dependant on specific area of job) 
  • Associated drainage, road and traffic works needed to ensure that safety standards are satisfied 

The Project