Rail Corridor Upgrades

  • In an effort made by BHP Billiton Iron Ore to improve the safety around their railway network and reduce the chances of a fatal accident, a request for the upgrade of 9 railway crossings was made. 
  • Austral then proceeded to complete the necessary upgrade works across the Newman mainline, Chichester Diversion, and the MAC main line.
  • Excavation of roadways approaching railway crossings 
  • Spreading and compaction of basecourse 
  • Creation of new paved road/ blending with existing road 
  • Installation of new W beam barriers, and extension of pre-existing safety barriers 
  • Installation of 70m of chain mesh fence 
  • Installation of road safety signs 
  • Addition of road safety markings
  • Installation of drainage culverts, and earthworks to prevent local pooling 
  • Additional assorted minor earthworks at each crossing 

The Project