Rail Depot Heavy Lift System

  • Maintaining an extensive rail network, BHP Iron Ore maintains a sizeable fleet of 178 Electro Motive Diesel locomotives. For their 10-year maintenance, access to the underside of the locomotive is needed. 
  • Austral constructed the foundations for the facility that lifts locomotives to allow their underside inspections and maintenance. 
  • The safe and timely demolition of the existing infrastructure where the footing of the 200t crane and jacks were to be constructed
  • Survey control and set out of works in accordance with the lines, design levels, and grid references requested 
  • The construction of earthworks for traffic and drainage 
  • The excavation and earthworks needed to meet the levels and dimension outlined in the project drawings 
  • The construction of the designed structure to the specifications outlined by the client 
  • Surface finishing of concrete, disposal of excavated materials and clean up 

The Project