Removal of Temporary Piles

  • This job required the extraction of steel tubular piles driven in 2013 for the construction loadout facility at the Wheatstone Materials Offloading Facility Breakwater. Pilbara Ports required the complete extraction of the existing piles prior to the handover of the port facility.
  • Unable to be extracted by conventional means, Austral was contracted to extract the piles utilising a unique technique developed by Austral.
  • Austral mobilised its Westsea 11 barge with 400t crawler crane and piling rig on board 
  • Bhagwan Marine provided all marine/towage services for the works 
  • 5No. Piles in total were successfully extracted in complete lengths. Piles were 1321mm diameter x 20mm wall thickness 
  • Austral’s previously demonstrated success in extracting driven steel tubular piles was a key part for the principal’s request for Austral under Bhagwan Marine to be engaged for the works 

The Project