MAC Railroad Upgrades Phase 2-5

  • With the opening of the new BHP South Flank ore deposit, the MAC single line upgrade project was envisioned to safely and sustainably enable additional throughput along this portion of their rail network.
  • Austral was tasked with completing an array of works along the line to help achieve this goal, with 5 main separable portions to be completed along the line.
  • Necessary dust suppression during the execution of works all along the line 
  • Installation of ramps and pads along the MAC SLU to provide access along to work areas during the designated shut period, and provide storage for redundant materials created during works 
  • Removal of redundant ballast and sleepers 
  • Grading and rolling of formation 
  • Installation of 2no. level crossings, including necessary signage, asphalting, road markings, and strail panels 
  • Trenching and installation of 5.5km of Fibreoptic conduit’s 
  • Bulk earthworks, including surface mining and transport of an estimated 26,500 tons of material across the project 

The Project