Parker Point Access Jetty Works

  • Upgrade works had been performed on the Parker Point wharf, adding additional infrastructure to increase the facilities offloading capabilities. Following these additions, works were needed to ensure the structural integrity of the original structural components.
  • Austral was contracted to inspect, repair, and protect the existing piles from further degradation.
  • Inspection and mark-up of piles, identifying where existing piles are to be strengthened 
  • The installation of temporary work access platforms to both provide workers with a safe work environment, and to prevent the egress of environmentally hazardous materials as a result of works
  • The blasting and cleaning of piles between RL +3.5m and RL +7.0m 
  • Visual inspection of pile surface and testing of material thickness of remaining material where material loss due to corrosion is apparent 
  • Installation of pile strengthening sleeve or steel patchwork as is required, and non-destructive weld testing 
  • Re-instate the protective paint coating 

The Project