EII Common Rail Replacement Project

  • Two rails that make up the loading and unloading facilities at EII, rails #4 and #13 have met their 40-year lifespan and were beginning to show visual signs of degradation. 
  • Austral was contracted to demolish the old rail systems and install new replacement rails for the reclaimers to run along so that they can continue normal operation.
  • The demolition of the existing rail system. This involved cutting the existing rail and the supporting concrete foundation into smaller segments, then lifting each piece away to be disposed of off site. Any remaining debris was then removed to ensure a clear surface for the new rail. 
  • The installation of the new replacement rail system. This required preparing and compacting the subgrade, forming and pouring the concrete ground beam foundations, finishing the concrete, laying out and welding the rail system including rail fixings, installing the rail system packing and compacting the surrounding soil.
  • Construction and or modification of surrounding structures such as walkways.

The Project