EII Stacker Replacement Stockyard Ancillaries Phase 2

  • With elements of the EII loading facility reaching the end of their design life, RTIO necessitated the construction of new concrete footings and modifications to existing concrete footings and stacker rails. Also included was the fabrication and installation of stacker ancillary items which include buffer posts, jacking pads, cyclone restraints and stacker boom tie-downs. 
  • Austral was brought in to execute these works.
  •  Demolition of existing buffer posts, uplift restraints, long travel restraints and associated concrete footings for redundant stackers 
  • Detailed excavation for new widened footing alongside existing conveyors 
  • Form, reinforce and pouring of new concrete footing sections to incorporate new ancillary items aligned with operation of new stackers 
  • Partial rail section replacement and extension works, including Thermite splice welding of the new rail sections 
  • Installation of ancillary stacker steelwork 
  • Assistance during commissioning of new machines 
  • Complete survey and alignment of rail to meet critical machine tolerances 
  • Demolition and disposal of redundant footings and ancillary parts 

The Project